Application Listing by Category

AntiVirus & AntiMalware

Software indicated as Antivirus include programs to actively scan your computer for viruses, or passively scan all documents as they are downloaded or viewed. Antivirus software is often bundled with Anti-Malware or Network Intrusion software as well, many products do both, but malware can be in various forms and can be bundled as part freeware [...]

Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishing software includes items for manipulating text and images together.  Microsoft Publisher, Adobe InDesign are examples.

Image/Object Editing & Graphic Design

In computing, graphics (3D or 2D) or image editing software refers to a computer program that enables a person to manipulate images visually, save alternate copies of images and add layers or text onto or over existing images.

Statistics or Mathematical Software

Statistical or mathematical software is intended to manipulate numbers or generate metadata about the relationships represented by numerical groupings.

Testing or Proctoring Tools

Software in this category facilitates test taking or proctoring through an online process. Typically applications in this category verify identity or restricts the computer to protect the integrity of the test.

Training and Test Preparation

Software in this category include online sources of training and test taking preparation materials.


Utilities software applications can include editors for web content, compression or packaging apps, or applications to improve your computer in some way.

Video Editing

Video editing software is used to manipulate multiple clips of video to add transitions, combine clips, alter frame rates or audio or export video between different formats.

Virtualization Software

Virtualization software allows you to run multiple operating systems on one, by using a software application called a hypervisor.

Web Browsers

Internet browsers are used to access content on the web. A web browser, or simply ‘browser’ is software that displays individual web pages, images, and video identified by a distinct URL.

Website Editing & Design

Web editors and related tools allow you to write HTML, PhP or other code for use on the web to build websites.

Word Processor

Word processors create, format, and stylize documents as well as provide utilities for grammar and spell checking.  Common word processors include Microsoft Word, WordPad, Notepad, WordPerfect, Lotus Notes, Star Office, Google Apps, among others.

Last edited on September 5, 2018