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USF ID Card Issue Flow Chart

If a NetID is not working at a particular location to access through a card swipe, you can contact various departments to address the issue.

Using the Maintenance Account on Laptops for Extended Use

Through a jointly funded effort to help student connect to online materials, Students can check out laptops to take away from campus for extended periods, not more than one semester. These laptops are configured with a basic account that logs in by default when the computer is powered on from being completely off. Once logged [...]

Library Instruction Classroom Display Usage

These instructions allow users to operate the displays in the POY 218 Library Instruction Classroom.

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Browser Popup Exception Listings for Use with the USF Libraries Catalog (FLVC’s PRIMO)

To view maps in the USF Catalog, PRIMO, your browser pop-up blocker needs to be configured to list specific URLs as exceptions.

EZ-Proxy Issues: Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication for NetID

If you are experiencing problems with accessing library resources via EZ-Proxy, please note the error message information. Error codes can indicate what can be done to assist in resolving the issue, and many of them you can address yourself. Role Error If you find an error message that states : “No Role Assigned” This can [...]

Clearing the Browser Cache

When a web browser presents a website to the user for the first time, it makes a copy of all of the images, links, and other downloaded content. This makes subsequent visits to the same site much faster, because these items do not need to be downloaded again. If some of this content changes, and [...]

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